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June 26,2010

To All Japanese Supporters,
With this humble note, I would like to express my grateful thanks to all Japanese supporters and CFF staff for the scholarship grant they gave for my college education. Thank you for choosing me as one of your many grantees.
I’m from Baito, Poblacion, Sual Pangasinan, Philippines. One of the beneficiaries of CFF, who availed two times summer work camp since 2009. Through the courtesy of your good office. Baito is one of the Sitio’s of Poblacion, Sual, which is 3.5 km. away from the national road. And can be reach mostly by hiking/ walking and seldomly by any vehicle during summer.
By the way I’m Norilyn M. Pasagoy, the fourth child among the seven children of our parents. And three of my sister and brother are married; two are stop and working for themselves already, and the youngest is studying in high school. To provide our daily necessities we work during no classes by doing handicraft that can be found in our village. And sometimes backyard gardening in order to supplement or provide other things or needs. Because our mother is working to provide our needs and cannot afford to send me in college because of our very small income.
I joined three times work camp and I learn a lot. One of this is the challenge and feeling when your helping others that money can`t buy. The happiness and satisfaction is more than valuable than anything. Because the way you touch the heart of someone it`s give more meaningful encouragement to someone who really needs. And foremost I impress to the attitude of the Japanese, being on time and most flexible or adoptable.
Thank you for spending your money, time, effort and sacrifices you`ve been shared to us. I`m hoping that all of you are happy and healthy.
Indeed I was lucky to be a college scholar of Pangarangiti scholar. It is a great help to me and to my parents. So I promise to do my very best in my studies. This is the only way I know I am capable of doing now. With God helps ,I am hopeful that I can prove my worth as one of the CFF Pangarangiti scholar. May the God always guide and protect you all..God bless..

Truly yours,

Norilyn Pasagoy
Pangangiriti Scholar

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